Vaginal Cream 15gm

The natural medicament Estrace Vaginal Cream is designed for:

Daughters of Eve, who feel malaisewhilst the preclimax, menopause and postpausimenia term;
Eve’s daughters, who wish to guard the hazard of the cardiovascular diseases in the course of pausimenia;
Childs of our grandmother Eves, who undergo chilliness and some disagreeable evidences in the course of pre- and post-climax spell;
Ladyes, who want to keep on make active whoopee even during climax;
Women, who undergo frequent urination in the course of climax.


Estrace Vaginal Cream 15gm

oral estrogen


What is Estrace Vaginal Cream?
Estrace Cream has to be used coupled with a practitioner.
Estrace Cream is a manufactured estrogen.
The med is advised to apply those women, who have low level of the sex hormones for the purpose of counteract the antipraxia of menopause.
The phenomenons may brace: appendiclausis of the urogenital tract, (associated with estrogen’s deficiency), dyspareunea, vaginal dryness, fiddle periodic inflammatory disease of the genito-urinary tract, urinary frequency, tempered incontinence pre- and post-operative general medicine of postmenopausal period and “blear” smear’s ends.
Estrace Cream restores the vaginal epithelium, regulates vaginal opening’s and bacterial risk.


Estrace Vaginal Cream – a package solution of the womanish challenges
The present day lady is apt to get through the cycle of pausimenia save for significant changes in state of life and to stay eager and well graced even during the very hump of her practice.
According to the leading examiners in the sphere of gynaecology, Estrace Vaginal Cream is considered as the optimum therapeutics of the premenopause and pausimenia evidences.


Who shall use Estrace Vaginal Cream?

Any multipara is has to take nearly one-third of her life in transition from premenopause season to menopause stretch and from menopause period to postmenopausal days.
These stretches are attended by the pronounced retrogression of QOL, among other things genital, CVE and bone density.
Estrace Vaginal Cream has been elaborated to lend a helping hand daughter of Eve in her period of trial of practice.
The medicament not only damps the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, but it also lends a hand feminine to keep resiliency.

Pizotifen .Prevention of migraine headaches



Brand name Sanomigran

Used in the following combined preparations None

Pizotifen general information

Pizotifen is an antihistamine drug with a chemical structure similar to that of the tricyclic antidepressants it also has similar anticholinergic effects. This drug is prescribed for the prevention of migraine headaches in people who suffer frequent, disabling attacks. The exact mechanism by which the drug works is not known, but it is thought to be through its blocking action on the chemicals (histamine and serotonin) that act on blood vessels in the brain.


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Pizotifen has also been prescribed to relieve the symptoms of carcinoid syndrome, a disorder in which excess production of serotonin causes attacks of flushing and diarrhoea.

The main disadvantage of prolonged use of pizotifen is that it stimulates the appetite and, as a result, often causes weight gain. For this reason, use of this drug should be reviewed twice yearly. It is usually prescribed only for people in whom other measures for migraine prevention – for example, avoidance of stress and foods that trigger attacks – have failed.

Phenytoin quick reference


Drug group Anticonvulsant

Overdose danger rating Medium

Dependence rating Low

Prescription needed Yes

Available as generic Yes


Vpxl review


Information for users

Your drug prescription is tailored for you. Do not alter dosage without checking with your doctor.


Phenytoin prolonged use

There is a slight risk that blood abnormalities may occur. Prolonged use may also lead to adverse effects on skin, gums, and bones. It may also disrupt control of diabetes.

Monitoring Periodic blood tests may be performed to monitor levels of the drug in the body and composition of the blood cells and blood chemistry.


The Instruction Clomid capsules.

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The Composition and form of the issue: Tablets: in packing 10 sht. 1 tab. Clomiphene degydrogencitrat 50 mg. Other components: sucrose, corn starch, stearate magnesium, ferric oxide yellow (E 172).

The Pharmacological action: Antiestrogen preparation nonsteroid structures.

Stimulates ovulation. The exact mechanism of the action not clear.

It Is Expected that clomiphene blocks the receptors to estrogens in hypothalamus and ovarian, by means of feedback, intensifies the secretion by pituitary gland gonadotrophic hormone, in particular luteinizing hormone. This, in turn, stimulates the maturation and endocrine activity follicles in ovary, as well as the following formation and operating the wanted body.

Pharmakokinetics Active material Clomid – clomiphene – after receiving inside is quickly absorbed from ZHKT.

After 5 day of the using Clomid its cumulative removing has formed 50% from value of the accepted dose (with urine – 7.8%, with excrement – 42.2%). On 31-35 day of the treatment with urine and excrement is daily removed on 0.73% from dose of the preparation, but on 42-45-yy day of the treatment – on 0.54% accordingly.

Women hot flashes treatment

Women-hot-flashes Most women complain of hot flashes during premenopausal and postmenopausal period. Pre-menopause is a period of moving from “scheduled” menstruation to its stopping. Typically, the menopause beginning falls at 45,5-47,5 years and lasts for four years at an average.

The primary targets of the modern pharmaceutical industry are to help a woman to change disapproval of menopause and its symptoms due to better knowledge. And also to tell a woman that the short-term hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms’ resolve is really safe therapeutic treatment for most women.

Phenylpropanolamine.GENERAL INFORMATION


Used in the following combined preparations Contac 400, Day Nurse Capsules, Dimotapp, Eskornade, Mucron, Sinutab, Triogesic, Triominic, Vicks Coldcare, and others.


1       The intimate lubricant-gel



Phenylpropanolamine belongs to the sympathomimetic group of drugs. It is used as a decongestant in many over- the-counter cold relief preparations. By reducing inflammation and swelling of blood vessels in the lining of the nose, the drug relieves the nasal congestion in head colds, hay fever, and sinusitis.

The drug mimics some of the actions of the sympathetic nervous system and as a con sequence it can produce undesirable stimulant side effects. It may raise the heart rate and severely elevate blood pressure; and can also cause palpitations and wakefulness.

Phenobarbitone INTERACTIONS

INTERACTIONS Phenobarbitone
Corticosteroids Phenobarbitone may reduce the effect of corticosteroid drugs.

Antipsychotics and antidepressants may reduce the anticonvulsant effect of  Phenobarbitone.

1pills to delay ejaculation
The effect of these drugs may be reduced when they are taken with phenobarbitone.

Oral contraceptives
Phenobarbitone may reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Discuss with your doctor.


All drugs that have a sedative effect on the central nervous system are likely to increase the sedative properties of phenobarbitone.

Diflucan and Candida infections


The active substance of the drug – is fluknazol. Excipients are lactose, corn starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, sodium laurel sulfate.

Diflucan is used to treat:

- Cryptococcosis, including cryptococcal meningitis and infections of other sites (e.g., lung, skin);
- Generalized candidacies, including candidemia, disseminated candidacies and other forms of invasive Candida infections;

- Candidacies of mucous membranes, including the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and pharynx, esophagus, non-invasive bronchopulmonary infections;
- Genital candidacies, acute or recurrent vaginal candidacies, prophylaxis to reduce the recurrence rate of vaginal candidacies (3 or more episodes per year);

- The prevention of fungal infections at patients with malignant tumors, predisposed to the development of such infections as a result of cytotoxic chemotherapy or radiotherapy;

- Skin’s mycosis, including athlete’s foot, body, groin;
- Deep endemic mycosis at patients with normal immunity.

Viagra Soft with alcohol and fatty foods

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Viagra Soft – the dissolving preparation for getting hard and long termed erection

Viagra soft is available in tablets, which have to be dissolved under the tongue. The main difference between traditional Viagra and Soft Viagra is that cause of the above-noted route of administration the active ingredient admits into the bloodstream directly, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the effect is faster and its duration remains the same. Another plus: Viagra Soft can be used in combination with alcohol and fatty foods. Of course, within reasonable limits.

Super P Force

Viagra’s Soft pills should be placed under the tongue until dissolved. 1 tablet in 15-20 minutes before the scheduled intimacy. The tablet should be dissolved slowly or chewed, but you can not swallow not completely dissolved particles. The action’s mechanism is standard: during a sexual stimulation a blood rushes to the penis, causing the enduring erection that does not stop for a while after ejaculation.

Contraindications: acute and chronic heart disease, severe anatomical deformation of the penis, sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leucosis. If there is an increased sensitivity to sildenafil, the drug should be used only the under medical supervision in limited doses.


Usage of CLOMID by men


CLOMID (with CLOMIPHENE citrate as an active substance) is usually taken by women to treat ovulation problems, but is now largely used by men also.

It helps to restore the production levels of testosterone and restore spermatogenesis, and that is the first reason why men take it.  CLOMID acts like a steroid and is popular among bodybuilders – they believe it has not so many side effects than other steroids. Often the bodybuilders mix CLOMIPHENE with other drugs to get the maximum muscle growth. When taking CLOMID as a steroid it is necessary to consult a doctor because the wrong dosage can lead to long lasting side effects and affect metabolism in an unexpected way.

According to medical research the use of CLOMID in men in doses as 100mg/day during 1 year does not cause side effects.

This drug also stimulates the sperm creating hormones and thus increases the sperm count. Although results are not always immediate, they are quite stable. The success rate is approximately 80%, some men achieve the result already in a week after start.

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